Culture Transformation

There is a Wild West movement in the workplace and in personal/leadership development. The future is calling. People are reaching for a higher way of work and life.


Dale Carnegie (1936+)

How to Win Friends and Influence People



Stephen Covey (1989+)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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Co-Creative Founders


Chris Deaver

Chris Deaver is a culture shaper. He’s influenced Fortune 500s from the inside. He has worked the dream at Apple and Disney, creating breakthrough content like Different Together and Collaboration by Design, working with inspiring teams that shaped iProducts and Star Wars experiences. Chris is co-Founder of BraveCore, a leadership consultancy shaping the future by helping leaders be more creative and creatives be better leaders. He’s a regular contributor to Fast Company, featured in The Wall Street Journal, EntrepreneurThe Financial Times, Business Insider, The Economic Times, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Fortune, The Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo, Thrive Global, Influencive, Engadget, and CNET.  He’s developed landmark studies of the most innovative teams, partnering with Stanford and Harvard professors.

Ian Clawson

Ian Clawson is co-Founder of BraveCore, co-host of the Lead with a Question podcast, and is a regular contributor to Fast Company. He’s had work featured in The Wall Street JournalInfluenciveEngadgetDisrupt Magazine, and CNET. Ian has led large teams and cultures through transformation with a background in Healthcare leadership. As an Administrator he oversaw a multi-million-dollar skilled nursing facility operation in Silicon Valley that helps the sick and elderly recover from challenges. Ian continues to advise startup founders and professionals contributing to 10x growth through leadership development and coaching. He has a past life in the field of marketing with the skillset of a copywriter and storyteller having a passion for connecting products to consumers. He earned a degree at BYU-Hawaii in International Cultural Studies where he developed a high interest in World Philosophy and Communication Theory.

What is the aim of BraveCore?

We are brave. Brave at our core. We value the deep work that gives us creative depth. We lean into the future and learn from our future self. We value the gifts of others. We choose co-creation. These are the co-creative Meta-Principles:

  1. We don’t seek to be the smartest in the room. We hope to inspire and to be inspired by a shared vision. We lead with questions, to provoke a culture of curiosity, where anyone can imagine and express a better future.
  2. We don’t let suffering hold us back. We aim to turn pain into power. We don’t revel in darkness or despair but choose to make progress by creating gains; letting our thoughts, decisions and sacrifices become the building blocks that shape the potential of our life.
  3. We don’t believe in building personal empires or self-inflation. We seek to become a selfless force. We desire to make others the mission by setting aside ego and pursuing work based on one measure: how it inspires the lives of others and how the “lowest ranking” person talks about our culture to a stranger. We encourage bold empathy to help others feel seen, respected and understood.
  4. We don’t let situations define us. We are the makers of our own lives and work. We define the situation by the actions we take. Our efforts must be connected to value systems that bring out the best in us and in others. We are able to achieve a greater good when everyone feels permission to change things and contribute to a mission larger than themselves.
  5. We don’t obsess about habits, hacks and what looks good on the surface. We strive to create context through patterns, the deep work that not only is different but makes a difference. We are inspired by the story of our future which remains the focus of who we need to become. We seek to be that now. We thrive when we embody the themes of this future.
  6. We don’t blindly follow popular opinion and general consensus. We are guided by principles. We believe instinct and intuition are deeply connected to these infinite and powerful truths. We are guided by brave which empowers us to follow true north. The alignment of principles and courage helps us manifest the best outcomes—whether now, 10, 100, or 1000 years from now. It builds infinite confidence in our team.

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