What is

The BraveCore Method?

We are not interested in quick-fixes, check-boxing, ladder climbing, empire building or expertise on display. We are not into transactions or preserving the status quo. We are inspired by transformations.

The BraveCore Method seeks to unify misfits and amplify change makers with the help of co-creation. As a leader, you can become a hero from the future. As an organization, you can create leaders for the future.

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The Wisdom Principle

Lead with a Question

Most people lead with answers rather than questions. When we are brave enough to ask great questions, face reality, and explore the unknown, we reimagine the future so we can shape it. We don’t just listen to understand but listen to learn with an openness to change our mind. We stop obsessing over data and we do not just settle on expertise. We remain in discovery mode together...


The Passion Principle

Turn Pain Into Power

What pain/loss is holding you back? When we embrace the path of gains, we start to live out our passions. We start to see the greatest challenge or pain that stands in our way as our biggest opportunity. Instead of avoiding a challenge or remaining stuck in our pain, we choose to let it fuel our future. We become empowered to let our thoughts, choices, and sacrifices become the building blocks that shape our potential.

Go from LOSS to GAIN. 

The Compassion Principle

Make Others the Mission

Let go of ego. The future will require a skill-set of co-creation and a focus on interdependence. Be brave in the present. Instead of positioning yourself to receive, activate your ability to give. Help connect the dots. The best way to achieve deep empathy is to involve others.


The Action Principle

Define The Situation

Evolve from learning mode to application. We Define the Situation by the brave actions we take and getting good at making decisions. Our efforts connect to value systems as we manifest the best in us and others. Convert your aspirations into action. We inspire a greater good when everyone feels permission to change things and contribute to a mission larger than themselves. It's time to make the real, ideal.


The Purpose Principle

Create Context

In a world of never-ending content, strive to create context. The deep work that not only is different but makes a difference. We are inspired by the story of our future which remains the focus of who we need to become. We seek to be that now. We thrive when we embody the themes of this future. We can inspire others with an infinite purpose. Become the future by bringing out the best in your heart / mind / spirit. 

Go from ARTIFICE to creating ARTIFACTS that matter.

The Alignment Principle

Follow True North

When we’re guided by brave, we’re empowered to Follow True North. We join forces by pulling others in based on the quality of what we are building.  Connect ideas to ideas, people to people and ideas to people. Involving others builds trust. Dreams will start to merge by finding ways to co-create together. Manifest the best outcomes, with the long view in mind.


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