What are the key takeaways from

Brave Together?

1. Why do companies kill creativity?

We’ve all experienced fear at work. Ask anyone if they’ve ever had a bad boss or been in a toxic workplace, and 100 percent will say yes. And that needs to change. Companies keep pushing people for results, fixating on the numbers as they squeeze the creativity out of our work life.

Broken cultures are commonplace. People are searching for something more. To work creatively together. They’re craving growth, empathy, and hope.


2. We can build cultures people love.

Fear and braving it alone have failed us. Being Brave Together won’t. We can start to live our best future now: one that isn’t self-made but shared.

Co-Creative cultures are the future. They inspire purpose in life. They create brave space for magic to happen.

Timeless principles, brave leadership and creativity are the powerful combination companies are missing to differentiate their culture. This unlocks lasting joy and frees us from feeling alone.


3. A futuristic framework can help shape the Next Wave of our work life.

We’re told to choose between an employer/employee relationship, or an entrepreneur career path.

The best leaders in the future embrace their creative identity in brave ways. They can apply a Co-Creator mindset in any domain.

A Co-Creator invites open space for people to connect, collaborate, and build new and different ideas. We become connected through a shared hope, seeing what is possible together, and turning shared dreams into shared direction. Co-Creation unlocks our true potential with others.


4. Co-Creation activates brave leaders and a connected life.

We’ve been told to work harder and smarter. But that’s created silos, burnout, and a lonely work life. We all want something more: to work creatively together.

For anyone leading the future, this means trading a lonely pursuit of solo success for a shared adventure. To win in business and life it takes a selfless force. This is co-creation, and it’s what the most innovative teams in the world do best, in cultures people love—like Apple, Nike, Pixar, and the NBA.

We need brave leaders who can see the raw materials. They get excited by the potential of working with others. They see opportunities, a chance to learn from each other, and be inspired to shape things together. They let timeless principles guide their relationships and leadership capabilities, not through logic or emotion alone.



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Principles Power Our Lives

BraveCore delivers a set of meta-principles leaders can use to leverage the potential of co-creation: the power to be brave enough to shape the future with others—in any domain. We can be your guide...

The Wisdom Principle

Lead with a Question

We are surrounded by noise and people who can’t stop talking. To lead the future we must be brave enough to ask great questions. The world is flooded with answers, while we’re all starving for exploration.


The Passion Principle

Turn Pain Into Power

Instead of avoiding a challenge or remaining stuck in our pain, we choose to let it fuel our future. We explore how co-creation shines when our passions are activated and our energy collides with others. 

Go from LOSS to GAIN. 

The Compassion Principle

Make Others the Mission

We share how co-creation helps us grow out of a self-focused life to a more compassion centered one. By letting go of ego we can move from being selfish to selfless.


The Action Principle

Define The Situation

We can manifest our best life and leadership by taking responsibility for the quality of our mindset and actions. When our efforts connect to a value system, we can convert our aspirations into building with others. 


The Purpose Principle

Create Context

Make better connections by moving past our surface level approach to thinking creatively. The deep work that not only is different but makes a difference.


Go from creating ARTIFICE to ARTIFACTS.

The Alignment Principle

Follow True North

We gain better direction as we shape our lives with intention. Going beyond goals and remain activated in our themes. We can join forces by pulling others in based on the quality of what we are building. 



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